Remove Soot and Debris From Your Chimney

Get professional chimney cleaning in Halfway & Hagerstown, MD

It isn't uncommon for your chimney to accumulate soot and debris-especially if you use it a lot. Unfortunately, failure to address this buildup could result in corrosion, or worse, chimney fires.

Call the specialists at Andrew's Chimney Service, LLC for chimney cleaning service. We'll even clean your wood or pellet stove, or gas or oil furnace.

If you're in Halfway & Hagerstown, MD and need chimney cleaning service, call now to speak with a member of our team.

What can you expect from our chimney inspection?

What can you expect from our chimney inspection?

Our team uses state-of-the-art cameras to inspect all aspects of your chimney, including your:

  • Smoke chamber
  • Hood
  • Tiles
  • Cap
All chimney inspections come with a detailed report outlining our findings. If we need to sweep or clean it before starting your inspection, we'll let you know.

We suggest planning annual chimney inspections to catch potential problems early. Call now to schedule your appointment in Halfway & Hagerstown, MD.